Full disclosure, I love the NBA and I love the young talent the league has to offer right now especially in Minnesota with the Timberwolves.

That said, I am tired of watching the young T-Pups stink this much.

The record is 9-21 and they seem to falter in almost every loss when it counts the most.

They are giving up 2.6 points per game more than they score and the perimeter defense in crunch time is absolutely dismal.

Granted, the preseason expectations were over blown with hopes of a playoff spot on a team that has the young talent, but lacks the experience and defensive tenacity to take it to the next level.

The pieces are in place, but time is needed to have those pieces evolve into the correct mold so they can turn that corner and become a legitimate player in the always tough Western Conference.

The Timberwovles as a whole need a New Years resolution and it needs to be to quit stinking.

So what needs to happen?

Well, #1, Ricky Rubio needs to be traded.  He has never become more than what he was when he was drafted and his limited ceiling has always held the Wolves back.

Yes, Rubio leads the team in steals and assists, but his player efficiency rating is fifth best on the team and when you look at that 13.4 rating, it's laughable compared to the good point guards in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving 22.7, Mike Conley 21.8, John Wall 24.1 and even the starting PG on the worst team in the NBA, Jermey Lin has the same amount of assists and steals per game while have a 19.7 player efficiency rating.

It is a sad look at what has held this team back and with a new regime it's time to take it to the next level before the young stars get tired of losing and want to go to the NEXT team.

So in addition to the trading of Rubio, the other players must commit to second half defense and a full 48 minutes of effort.

Wiggins, LaVine and Towns must become a big three to compete with the likes of Golden State, San Antonio, LA and Houston.

Quit making dumb fouls, quit leaving your man on the perimeter in the second half, make your free throws and play the game the right way.

The talent is there, the wins are not and for 2017 to be better than 2016, the Wolves are going to have to grow up fast.