Respawn Entertainment has released a new video showing off the collector's edition of Titanfall, and the incredibly detailed statue that comes with it.

Coming in at just under 20 inches, the Titan statue included with the $249.99 edition of Respawn's Xbox exclusive is a massive beast. Capturing the size and scale of the Titan as it looks in-game was a big part of why Respawn decided to go gigantic with the statue. For added scale, a few human figures are also represented, and you really get a good idea of the difference and detail in the large form.

The multiple lights on the Titan are part of the ID Light system, which signifies which side of the war is in control of the hulking mech. Friendly troops are identified with blue, while enemies show up with red ID Lights. The replica Titan features both sets, so you can somewhat customize your statue to your tastes.

Titanfall will be out on March 11, 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. $250 is no amount of small change for a brand new IP, but there are sure to be some fans who take the splurge even without knowing whether or not they'll even like the game.