Now that he is officially a candidate, Chad Haber looks to state his case that he should be South Dakota’s Attorney General.  

Marty Jackley is the current office holder while Haber was given the nod by the Libertarian Party at their convention on August 9.  The Secretary of State had to verify the bid by making sure Haber’s switch from the Republican to Libertarian was legit.

Haber is not a lawyer, but does have experience in his business career as a leader of a workforce.  His beginnings stem from working in the family business during his teenage years.  Haber also spearheaded the effort of assisting his wife Dr. Annette Bosworth in the effort to bring medical care to children in Haiti.

In a snapshot, Haber estimates that at the peak he supervised 500 people in his various enterprises.  Thus Haber feels that the ability to follow the South Dakota Constitution, apply the law and oversee the Deputy Attorneys General and the Assistants underneath the Deputies plus the estimated 60 agents in the Division of Criminal Investigation.

Haber pointedly drew upon the example of Independent Candidate Michael Myers who was attempting to change his running mate on the ballot.  “The judge stopped the proceedings and he read the law to the Attorney General’s representative.  (The judge then stated) ‘It’s pretty clear to me.’  In big ways and small ways our rights are being trampled.  You don’t need a lawyer to read the Constitution and say ‘Okay that’s unconstitutional.  We can’t do that.’”

Two specific cases stand out to Haber when it comes to rights being curtailed.  One being the Mette Rape Case where Richard Mette was convicted of child rape, but the foster children were allowed back in the home after the case was adjudicated.  Also, Haber is outraged that two whistleblowers who defended the victims were brought to trial.  The other case involved the death of Brady Folkens who was under the care of the STAR Academy in Custer.

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Haber chronicles his business experience.

Haber says the mantra of the Attorney General should be:  Treat the people fairly.

From the standpoint of the law, Haber feels it was not applied correctly in the Mette Rape Case.