Despite having been voiced by a woman, Toad is actually a boy. But the little mushroom-headed steward of the Mushroom Kingdom has received a gender-bending cosplay treatment to become our Cosplay of the Day!

Toad is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom and is often seen supporting Mario and the rest of the crew on their adventures, whether they're saving Princess Peach, playing tennis, or racing around in little karts. We've never really paid much mind to the little guy, but we guess someone thought he'd make a great crossplay outfit!

And that someone is Emily Rose, from White Noise Cosplay. Here she is rocking Toad's signature vest, white pants, brown shoes, and mushroom hat (or is that part of the character's head? We're not sure). She looks much like a genie this way, but we already feel like our wishes have been granted! Emily Rose seems to retain the lighthearted goofiness that Toad carries around with him, but also mixes it up with a sort of subtle sexiness that's appealing. After all, what could be better than a mix of funny and sexy?

Take a look at the rest of Emily Rose's costumes on her deviantART, a lot of which include variations of Rose Tyler, from Doctor Who!

Colleen Tappel
Brittany DiBiaggio
Brittany DiBiaggio

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