Most people under 30 have almost no reference of 'The Lone Ranger,' the fictional Texas Ranger-turned vigilante who fights bad guys in the American West alongside his Native American sidekick Tonto. That could mean bad news for Disney's feature film reboot that debuts Wednesday. Maybe English actress Ruth Wilson can save the day.

Wilson plays Rebecca Reid, the older sister of John Reid (Armie Hammer) aka. The Lone Ranger. Wilson probably won't sexy-up the film (it is from Disney after all), but most actresses wouldn't look as hot as she does in an old-fashioned dress and petticoat.

Wilson, 31, is best known for her roles in the TV miniseries version of Jane Eyre and BBC TV's Luther. (Don't lie to us; we know you haven't seen either of those shows. There are other channels besides ESPN and Spike, dude.)

Wilson could get a career boost from her role in 'The Lone Ranger.' However, if younger audiences aren't interested in Hammer and Johnny Depp, as Tonto, looking stylish on horseback, it could mean disaster at the box office, kemosahbee.
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images