Tomb Raider is officially released today, letting players get up close and personal with Lara Croft on her first big adventure. Now that the game's out of the way, Crystal Dynamics is looking into bringing Lara to Hollywood once more, but on their own terms.

An interview with Crystal Dynamics on Variety reveals that the company is working with GK films on turning Lara's story into a feature film, with "collaboration" being a key word.

Darrell Gallagher, head of studio of Crystal Dynamics, said, "They are working from this new take that we've given them. It's a good partnership. We're seeing the challenges through the same lens."

The aim is to create a Tomb Raider film unlike the previous Angelina Jolie movies. They want to make a film that would focus on Lara as a character.

"Looking at Lara as character, she was still going to be an intellectual heroine, a brilliant archeologist [sic], but more athletic, more competent in traversal and puzzle-solving and combat," said Noah Hughes, creative director at Crystal Dynamics.

If the goal is to create a film in which Lara's character is the star, then the partnership with GK Films should be met with great optimism, since they've worked on films such as Rango, The Departed, and Hugo.

The new game focuses on Lara's origin story and is a reboot of the franchise, something that's done wonders for properties like Star Trek, Batman, and James Bond, so here's to hoping that the same kind of magic makes for an amazing Tomb Raider film.