Washington Wizards Vice President of Basketball Operations Tommy Sheppard joined Jeff Thurn on Friday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Question: Are the Wizards a championship contending team in the NBA this season?

"I never, ever say no. Anything is possible. I think the only people that really know are the players, and how far this team is going to go. We would never put a number of anything we expected. We just measure we get better every month. So far we've put together two pretty good months and now we're into January. We had a decent stretch lately. Everybody in the NBA is good as their health. So far knock on wood, we've managed to stay pretty healthy"

"I don't know where ultimately this team ends up, but see us being as good anybody in the East and somebody has to come out of the East," continued Sheppard. "So I do expect Cleveland is going to get going pretty soon. Toronto is a fantastic team, Chicago is fantastic, can't say enough about Atlanta. Atlanta's the story of the year, they're fantastic. There's plenty of competition. I'm not buying into how good the East is. The top of the East is pretty darn good. A lot of the teams at the top of the East can take care of teams in West pretty easily. Not creating any conflict, the East is not as slouse as people make it up to be."

To hear Thurn's full conversation with Sheppard, listen below:

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