No baseball league would ever think of playing in weather like South Dakota will see tonight. But football is played in cold and rain and sleet and even a Halloween blizzard in 1991, though some games were rescheduled.

The vast majority of tonight's high school football schedule will play to likely smaller crowds hiding from bitter cold winds blowing rain sideways. But two west river contests have been postponed until Friday.

Jones County's at New Underwood and Lyman at Wall have both been rescheduled to Friday, not due to snow,  but because of concerns over students traveling long distances in high profile buses in the wide open wind tunnel of western South Dakota, according to John Krogstrand of the South Dakota High School Activities Association.

"We didn't want school buses getting tipped over in the wind with the long distance those schools had to travel," Krogstrand said. "But we also didn't want schools rescheduling just because the weather nicer on Friday."

The postponement of these games will cause the final power point rankings to be delayed until Friday night or Saturday morning for classes 9A and 9B. Power points for 9AA will come out as scheduled by Friday morning.

11A and 11B could see changes to their final point standings as late as Saturday morning because of the bonus points that could be awarded from playing out of state opponents who have yet to finish their schedule.