It's a dirt track designed for winged sprint cars with 360-cubic inch engines and Tony Stewart is a master at racing them. However, even the best get caught up in wrecks.

This one was big. It left a young female racer injured in the wreck that left several cars damaged and out of the race for the night in Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York.

Tony was not injured in the crash Tuesday night, but 19-year-old Alysha Ruggles went airborne and has a reported back injury.

Several websites through the course of the week had reported that Stewart was at fault. However if one reviews the video carefully that may not be the case.

After careful review, it looks to me like the car on the front row outside just didn't get going and instead of staying high, squeezed down as 14 & 87 passed low. The 87 moved up and Stewart was just in the middle for the ride. Nothing he could've done." - Youtube user geoquin4

The crash happened when "Smoke" tried to make a pass on a restart in the middle of a three-way battle for third.