Yet another issue with Jameis Winston and yet another slap on the wrist.

This time it was shoplifting crab legs from a Publix and the punishment was community service.  Which in fact, I am on board with in regards to the legal system.

Furthermore, I have found the penalties or lack there of in regards to Winston and his three incidents with the law since becoming a member of Florida State to be right on par with the evidence provides and the system set in place.

The issue for me comes from the athletic department and the University.

The policy in respect to a student being convicted of a misdemeanor is to allow the coach of that team to determine discipline.

And for Winston, he was never suspended while the states attorney investigated the sexual assault charges against him, which I was on board with.  But, then it becomes a pattern of bad judgement calls which I believe at some point should result in a long term ban.

The "stealing of soda" from a Burger King and now the stealing of "Crab legs" becomes a situation that I think can be handled sternly now and prevent a future super star from seeing his career be derailed.

I get that he was suspended indefinitely from the baseball team, but now today, the news comes that he has been reinstated because his community service has been completed.  On a academic side of things, this would make sense.  But from a athletic side of things it seems like enabling.

We all made dumb mistakes at that age, and I am far from the exception, but the more I was slapped on the wrist, the more I was adapt to committing the same mistakes.  The harder the punishment, the less likely I was personally to do that again. Same here for Winston in my opinion.

I think its imperative that Florida State make a statement.  Jameis Winston should be done with baseball for the rest of the year and forced to miss the opener of the season in football.  That should be enough to deter him from future infractions and put a precedent for others to know that its about representing your school, your team but more importantly yourself and your family.

I'm not trying to dog on Winston, I love his game, I love watching him play and I think he is just miss guided.  But Florida State has a opportunity here as a athletic staff to help this young man and his future.  I hope they realize that before Jameis makes a mistake that will derail his career.