I had this feeling that I shouldn't turn the Twins game off last night. Torii Hunter pulled a tantrum that was worse than what my five year old niece would.

My niece can throw a tantrum. That might even be an understatement, but overall she's very good. Her tantrum's usually involved some screaming, kicking, and crying. Typical five year old stuff.

Hunter's included a bunch of screaming, flying gloves, and a jersey toss. I guess at least it gave fans at Target Field something to cheer about last night after getting swept by the Royals and falling two games away first place.

I'm not against tantrums in baseball games. Better yet, sometimes I enjoy them for the fact that it brings something different to the table. This one might have been a bit too crazy though for a 39 year old, 18 year MLB veteran.

I understand the "lighting the fire" under the team when in a slump. The issue is the veteran leader of the team might have taken it to a point of getting suspended. A suspension would extinguish whatever fire was attempted to be lit, and would hurt a Twins team that is 1-5 in their last six at Target Field.

We'll await and see if MLB decides to hand down a suspension for the events. The Twins are set to start a weekend series with Texas on Friday.