Police say crews were painting new lane markings on Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, forcing the closure of some traffic lanes.

So traffic was being backed up in the lanes that were open, and some drivers were cutting through parking lots to get through faster.

Around noon Wednesday, Information Officer Sam Clemens says one business owner at 18th and Minnesota was tired of vehicles cutting the corner, so when traffic through his parking lot was backed up, he told one motorist that the lot was not a street:

"The driver got out, there were some words exchanged and then the driver got back into his car and ended up driving over the victim's foot and spun him around. As he spun around the victim ended up hitting the window of the vehicle. The driver then stopped and got out and wanted to know why he had hid the car and the victim explained that he didn't intentionally hit it but it just happened when he was spun around."

Clemens says the business owner's wife got the vehicle license number as the motorist drove away, but he says police have not made contact yet with the motorist.