In what I thought was a joke at first, turns out to actually be true.

In Iowa City, two University of Iowa Hawkeye wrestlers have been suspended from the team after they were arrested for hunting rabbits on campus, which just happens to be illegal. (I was unaware)

Athletic director Gary Barta said Wednesday that freshmen Connor Ryan and Alex Meyer were arrested Tuesday by campus police, who I am guessing are going to get promoted to detectives for this arrest by the way.

Barta explained the two used BB guns and air rifles during the hunt.

Furthermore, AD Barta says both have been suspended indefinitely and will face disciplinary action through university and athletic department policies.

Apparently there were no "keggers" to bust or joints being smoked on Tuesday for the always competent campus police to address so they were forced to meet their quota by arresting two young men on imitating Elmer Fudd!

Meyer is an 18-year-old from suburban Des Moines who wrestles at 174 pounds. Ryan is an 18-year-old from Bettendorf who wrestles at 141 and 149. Neither has wrestled in a match so far this season for Iowa, which is 3-0.

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