Bleacher Report's Ty Schalter joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime to discuss if the NFL should have given Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens a longer suspension.

Schalter is an NFL lead writer for B/R.

Rice was suspended for two games today, Schalter decides if the punishment was too little, too much, or just right? 

"Oh I think it was too little. You know Roger Goodell tends to have his nose to have his wind on this. Tends to have a real snide idea of how much punishment football fans want. How much they expect? How to scale it and does punishment fit sort of the reaction to the crime. In this case, I think he whiffed. Two games plus a third (fined an additional regular season check). For a guy who knocked his wife fiancee, now wife on the unconscious in a bar full of people and then dragged her. So many football fans thought the city owed him, you know dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator into a hallway. So, I mean it's as ugly as it gets. As bad as it gets. Yeah, Ray Rice had a lot of credibility built up as a good guy. As a community leader, in locker room, and a first-time offense Goodell tries to count that and build it into the punishment, but he just came up, way, way too soft on that. For a league that is trying to market itself to women, to families, you selling the pink jerseys and really trying to market themselves as a family-friendly league, this just looks tone deaf to me. And I think just about universally people wonder how he (Rice) gets two games when you have guys like Josh Gordon getting suspended for a year for repeated marijuana use not hurting anybody. Stuff like that. This as ugly as it gets like I said. It's a bad day, and bad look for the league. Even the statements they released, Roger Goodell released an open letter to Ray Rice and talks about how he was inconsistent with the standards of the league and this represents the league well. He knocked his wife unconscious and then the press conference she did when she apologized for her role in provoking him..."

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