A few new fight mechanics are going to come packed with the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4, giving us more tricks to pull off in battle.

An update on Capcom-Unity features a post from Ultra Street Fighter 4 producer, Tomoaki Ayano. In it, Ayano talks about a few new systems that have been included in the latest iteration of Street Fighter 4.

The first system is the Ultra Combo Double, which allows players to choose both of their chosen character's ultra combos at the start of a match, meaning they'll both be available for use in a fight. The only rub is that these moves will do less damage.

The second system is the Red Focus Attack, which beefs up Focus Attacks. This should give players a more powerful option for defense, since it can soak up multiple attacks. You can even dash cancel out of it, letting you dodge some potentially grievous blows.

Watch the video above and check out the new systems in action. And look out for Ultra Street Fighter 4 in early 2014.