Capcom has released a few videos highlighting Ultra Street Fighter 4's new characters' Super and Ultra combos. Get ready to see a lot of pain.

Starring in this showcase of punishing combos are Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento. First we have Elena, the queen of Capoeira. As expected, her moves are graceful and employ a bunch of spin attacks. Her Brave Dance attack was already present in Street Fighter X Tekken, so all they had to do was add Spinning Beat and Healing.

Hugo is a hulking behemoth from the Mad Gear Gang and has a bunch of moves that take advantage of his grappling prowess and large body. We wouldn't want to be the targets of his Hammer Mountain or Megaton Press.

Poison is also from the Mad Gear Gang and is one of the more famous characters from Final Fight. Her Super, Love Storm, might hit pretty hard, but seeing her new Ultra puts us in pain.

Finally, we have Rolento, who uses his many tools to destroy his opponents. His Take no Prisoners Ultra is a pretty brutal attack and features some fancy animation.

Watch the combos and wait for Ultra Street Fighter 4 in 2014.