The University of North Dakota has been searching for a new nickname for seemingly forever. Now UND has shown what nicknames they are considering and rejecting.

UND opened up suggestions for potential nicknames. Not surprisingly, a lot of people who support the school continued to suggest the "Fighting Sioux" name that the NCAA has essentially banned. They also won't accept "Fighting Sue" or "Fighting Soos." The school has also rejected the idea of just remaining the University of North Dakota.

Students and alumni from North Dakota State and Minnesota also participated in the fun. Rejected nicknames include "Big Stupid Goons," "Bison oh wait oops," "Fighting Woodpeckers," and "Gopher Rejects."

Other nicknames that have been rejected include the likes of the UND Jets, Lakers, Mustangs, and Oilers. Here is the entire PDF document detailing all of the rejected names. Please note, some of them are vulgar.

So what is the University of North Dakota considering? Names that relate to school academics, such as Aviators, and also references to the weather in Grand Forks, like Blizzards, are being considered. More interesting names such as Sizzlers, Skunks, Mice, Moles, and Icy Flying Reptiles could also be the next nickname for the University. Could you imagine the University of North Dakota Moles? University of North Dakota Skunks? Something tells me that last one really stinks.

To see all the list of the considered nicknames for the University of North Dakota, click here. What would you like to see the next nickname be?