Apparently Mother Nature has decided to skip right over Spring and head for Summer and residents of Sioux Falls took full advantage of the situation.

On Sunday, temperatures reached into the mid-70s, well above the seasonal norm of mid-40s for March. As a result, Falls Park was flooded with people taking advantage of the warm weather. Families, friends, even those looking for a little "alone" time scampered among the rocks surrounding the falls.

Falls Park is one of my favorite places to go in Sioux Falls. It reminds me of Great Falls Park in Virginia, where I am originally from. It isn't quite on the same level (sorry Sioux Falls, but Great Falls is a national park), but is a bit of a reminder of home.

I almost always make that a stop whenever I hit the bike trails, often times using it as the "turn around" point in my trip.

Enjoy the pictures!