Today's featured costume is a bit weird, but it's also one of the most intricate pieces we've seen. Take a look at Valentine, from the unique adventure spin-off from the Guilty Gear series, Guilty Gear 2: Overture.

She's sort of a clone of Justice's Aria form, all clad in gothic lolita garb, but this fighter doesn't say much at all. Instead, she uses that huge balloon of hers, named Lucifero, to convey her feelings. She's said to have no personality or emotions, but one look at her face can tell you that there's definitely something deeper going on behind those eyes.

Here's Nek, a cosplayer from Russia, in this amazingly-detailed costume. She looks like she jumped right out of the game and into our world! The work that went into recreating Valentine's look must not have been easy, but the proof is definitely in the pictures, because pudding be damned.

Check out more of her stunning work on her devianART page, where you'll also see a great Zero Suit Samus that deserves a big ol' 10!

Nekotin/Evgeniy Gladkov
Iliya Denbrov
Iliya Denbrov
Evgeniy Gladkov