The NFL trade deadline is this Tuesday October 27th at 3pm EST and the Minnesota Vikings could be active in the market.

No not acquiring talent, but reports are that they may be in the market to move some of their talent.

According to Jay Glazer and ESPN 1500 in the Twin Cities, the Vikings could potentially trade Jared Allen.

Jared Allen came out last week and said that indeed he would test the free agent market and this may have forced the Vikings hand to indeed field offers for their star DE.

Some have hypothetically thrown out Adrian Peterson's name as a possible piece to trade, but as the face of the franchise the Vikings would essentially be admitting defeat on the season and completely turning to full fledged rebuilding mode.

But if they did ultimately trade Allen, as talented as he is, he's aging and as mentioned, a free agent at the end of the season, which wouldn't signal that the Vikings were staring over.

As Tuesday approaches quickly, the Vikings have said the price has to be right to move Allen and we'll see if a team is willing to offer what the Vikings want.

The Vikings have said it would have to be more than a third round draft pick in return as that is what they would receive if he left at the end of the year for free agency.