It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when the Vikings went to the Super Bowl a lot! Unfortunately, it was the same time the Vikings lost the Super Bowl a lot.

There's a lot of talk now about the Vikings and the Super Bowl (Don't count those chickens before they're hatched, the City of Brotherly Love is hoping to spoil that party). For a lot of the younger ladies and gents, this will be the first time the Vikings would make it.

Then there's the ol' dog that is me. I remember the first time... and the second... and the third... and the fourth.

Super Bowl Four was gonna be a blowout, not much of a game really. Minnesota vs. the AFL's Kansas City Chiefs. Turns out it was a blowout, just the wrong way is all.

KC wins 23-7. It was January, 1970.

No worries. Fast forward to January '74, Super Bowl 8. I remember watching that game in Canby, Minneosta at my buddy Kevin's house. Life would be good with a huge Vikes win!

Except, of course, Miami wins 24-7.

But hey, we're right back the next year against Pittsburgh. I remember that one too, though I'd just as soon forget. Steelers, 16-6.

Geez, do we have a pattern going on here?

Yes, yes we do.

Super Bowl 11, 1977. Our 4th (and to date) final time. Is our fourth trip the lucky trip? Can we beat the Oakland Raiders? Well, we could 32-14. Really not even close.

And that, as they say, was that. Well, as mentioned above, Philly may have something to say about that. But, but, but....if we can get past the Eagles...

Will the fifth time be the charm?

Maybe, maybe not, but wouldn't it be fun to have the chance?

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