I’ve been wondering if and when the Minnesota Vikings were going to do something constructive with the talents of Joe Webb.  The answer is, Yep.

They are moving him to receiver.  Which could be good as it didn't seem like quarterbacking was his thing.

You may recall how the Vikings hung the 2012 playoff hopes on Joe Webb after first string QB Christian Ponder got hurt.  Green Bay sent the Vikings home for the season with a 24-10 loss.

Now Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier has decided to shift Webb to full time receiver.

As a big Vikings fan I’m excited to see what Webb will be able to do in the position.  He is a fast and talented player.

It seemed like such a waist to have him in the backup QB position.  Especially now that they signed former Chiefs QB Matt Cassel as free agent.

As those of us with wardrobes of Purple & Gold say before every season: “This could be the Year!”

Ben Davis