Virginia Tech's Shane Beamer joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime to talk about David Wilson, the ACC and about the Hokies as they prepare for the 2014 season. 

Beamer is an associate head coach and running backs coach with the Hokies. His dad, Frank is the head coach at Virginia Tech. Here Shane's full interview with Thurn right here:

Beamer talks about former player, and Virginia Tech alum David Wilson having to retire from the NFL and the New York Giants due to the condition of his neck and spine: 

"Just very disappointing as a person for him because I know how much he loves the game of football. David's a guy that would play football for free. He loves life. He loves being on the field, and competing. Hated to hear that news from a personal standpoint and then from a football standpoint also just because he was still early in his NFL career and I think he had a big time future in front of him. Hate it for him and knowing the type of family he comes from, he will be okay, and successful whatever the next chapter is. He's got a good foundation and a very strong faith and will certainly be fine going forward. I've reached out to him and left him a voicemail, and haven't spoke with him directly. I know a couple of our coaches have. I called him late last night on the way home from the office and we haven't had a chance to hook up and talk yet, but I am sure we will soon."

Beamer reflects on the ACC Conference and where it stacks up against the rest of the best college football conferences: 

"Uh, I think it's a very competitive conference. Certainly you have to look at Florida State, they are the defending national champion, and we are not going to sit here and say it's Florida State, Clemson, and then everybody else. In our minds, we want to be the best team in the conference and that's what our goal is. We are confident we can compete with any team in our conference any day. We are all working in practice right now to improve and get better, but certainly you have to look at Clemson and Florida State. I think most people feel like they are the two best teams from when you listen to all the experts. I think when you look at our division and all these preseason rankings, and stuff, they mean nothing, but it's funny because obviously see us picked anywhere from first to fourth in our division. I've seen Pittsburgh picked from anywhere from first to last in our division. So, I think there is a lot of competition and parity in the Coastal Division, which is the division we play in. We are excited to get out there and play the game and certainly we are all chasing Florida State right now based off last year, but we like the teams we have coming back and expect to compete as well this year.

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