Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller may be only 23, but in his two years in the NFL he’s made two Pro Bowls and has registered 30 sacks and several different post-sack celebration dances. Off the field, the 2011 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year is known as much for his fashion sense as his football skills, especially with his “hipster”-style glasses (they’re prescription and he’s got 48 pairs of them) and impressive shoe game.

Miller’s commitment to keeping up his good looks off the field now extends to skincare, joining with AXE Face to announce the launch of AXE Facescore. At an event in NYC, the 2010 Butkus award winner enjoyed a professional shave of his goatee using the new line of AXE products before taking on actress Adrianne Palicki in a series of head-to-head challenges.

Before he went under the blade, Miller brought us 'Up to Speed' about his favorite music, growing up a Cowboys fan and his bold Super Bowl prediction.

What’s the first big thing you bought after you signed your first NFL contract?

I bought a Range Rover before I even had any money. That was the first thing I bought. I had to borrow some money from my agency and I went and bought a Range Rover, I’ve always wanted a Range Rover and I paid them back as soon as I got my money. Interest free!

What’s the song on your iPod you hope no one finds out about?

I’m proud of all the music on my iPod. I don’t have a problem with people finding out what music I’ve got. I like all my Rihanna songs, I like all my Phil Collins, I’m proud of all the music I’ve got. I listen to a lot of house music. I like all of Phil Collins, all of Phil Collins’ greatest hits, his classics. I like everybody, Jimi Hendrix. I got like 36,000 songs on my MacBook. I’ve got a little bit of everything.

What famous woman do you hope is watching the Broncos play on Sundays?

I have the biggest crush on Rihanna. I hope she watches, I hope she’s the biggest Broncos fan. I like all my ladies back home, I hope they’re watching. [laughs] I’m just playin’. I’ve got a crush on Rihanna. I think everybody does.

What’s something you can do in practice but could never do in a game?

Just act ridiculous. I act ridiculous in practice, do dumb stuff with all my teammates. But in a game it’s serious, it’s time to go. I goof around in practice and do all kinds of crazy stuff in practice but in a game it’s serious. In practice, that’s when you can be cocky and arrogant and talk trash and all that stuff. In the game it’s for the team, we all have one goal in common and I’m all for it. In practice, I like to be arrogant to a comical level. I like to be arrogant to where it’s funny and I think my teammates find it funny too.

What’s the position you'd never play?

Offensive line. They have just the toughest job in football and maybe even in all of sports. They have to go week in and week out all game long without making any mistakes and if you make any mistakes it can be detrimental to your team. You could lose one of your star guys from you making a mistake. For a defensive guy, we can get beat all game and then we make that one big play and it’s like “This guy had the best game ever!” I like those odds. I like being in that situation.

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What’s the oddest sports memento you’ve held onto?

I keep the tape from big games. I keep everything that I had on from big games -- shoes, tape, socks. I put it all in a Ziploc bag and I seal the bag so I can come back to it and smell it like in 20 years down the road I can have my son smell it. “This is what Daddy smelled like back in 2002!” [laughs]

What’s your dream car?

My dream car would have to be a McLaren F1. Unfortunately, I’ve still got a little bit more work to do to get there but that’s my dream car. Hopefully I can get it sometime soon.

What was your favorite poster on your wall as a kid?

My favorite poster on my wall was a poster of all the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls and all the stars that have played for the Dallas Cowboys on that poster. It’s like so tore up and we just moved it from here to here and by the time we got to high school it was just destroyed. But it had...what is the word? Sentimental value. We never let it go. I’m a big Cowboys fan even though I play with the Denver Broncos. Whenever it’s Denver versus the Dallas Cowboys of course I’m going for Peyton Manning and the guys but any other game I’m watching the Cowboys game like I’m a fan. I love the Cowboys. DeMarcus Ware is the best. Tony Romo can be great too sometimes.

You’re known for your sacks and your post-sack dances. What’s your favorite celebration dance?

I like them all. Don’t you like them all? I like them all! But it would have to be the dance for my foundation, Von’s Vision. I actually came up with a sack dance that pays the foundation $1,000 every time I do it, called the DeSoto Shuffle, so that’s why you guys saw me do it so many times. I raise money for my foundation which gives back free contacts, free glasses, free eye exams to underprivileged kids or kids who don’t have glasses and free Lasik surgery for kids who qualify for it. Lasik surgery used to be super expensive. But now you can give a person an excellent pair of eyes. That’s where my heart has always been.

You tweeted that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl next year. Why are they going to win?

I mean don’t you feel the same way? It’s only, like, right. But if you go around the league and you ask any guy in any sport period and you ask them if they've got a chance to win a championship of course the guy is going to say yes. I actually feel it and I believe in it. It wasn’t motivated out of arrogance or cockiness. It was motivated by the fact that some of my family members got in a wreck and one of the little guys [six-year old cousin Jeremiah] is still having a tough time. He recently came out of a coma and they were trying to get him to remember stuff and the one thing that he retained, the one thing that he remembered, was that he has a cousin who plays for the Denver Broncos and his name was Von Miller. This really puts it in perspective. For me that is my motivation why I can predict it now. I’m willing to make that commitment to my teammates, to the guys around me, to Jeremiah. And I’m willing to get it done.