We all know that getting your mug up on the "Jumbo Tron" at any sporting event can be a bit embarrassing.

Not to mention the fact that it may spark you to do something in the heat of the moment that may be even more embarrassing.

I've personally been in the position at numerous games and have been able to hone my "Jumbo Tron" skills so that I am a seasoned vet.

You would think that a 18-year MLB vet and Baseball Hall of Famer would be used to being featured on a large video screen at a sporting event.

Well folks, that was not the case recently at a Oklahoma City Thunder game.

Wade Boggs, Baseball Hall of Famer, was caught on camera by the crew and put on the "Tron".

Instead of giving a nice nod or waive, he broke into what I like to call the "Seizure" dance.

Take a look and assess for yourself.