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Yes, the rumors are true, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was in Sioux Falls on Thursday.

Word started to spread as the chatter on Facebook kicked in, numerous people began spotting AP around town on Thursday afternoon.

The official word out of the Vikings camp was that Peterson was absent from practice due to personal reasons. Whatever the real reason, it somehow ended up taking him to Sioux Falls, where he was spotted at the Little Coalinga Bar & Grill, eating a hot turkey sandwich according to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

You have to wonder how AP ended up at the Coalinga. I mean it is somewhat off the beaten path. Obviously someone did him a solid when they recommended it, because it is one of Sioux Falls hidden gems and they do make a mean hot turkey sandwich!  Maybe he’ll mention the Coalinga to his teammates and it will start to become a regular hangout for Viking players looking to get away from it all?   

Those who had a chance to meet Peterson on Thursday said he was a “super nice guy” who didn’t say why he was in Sioux Falls. I just wonder if all those rumors about his handshake are true? Supposedly AP has quite the Kung Fu grip!

When you hear about a story like this, it illustrates just how small Sioux Falls really is. Sure, we’re a city of 150K, the largest city in South Dakota, we like to think of ourselves as big and progressive, but in the grand scheme we are still starved for star power. Anytime someone of national prominence decides to stop by, our small town mentality kicks in and the city does start talking. It’s what makes living here cool!

I did get a kick out of the fact that one of the national pro football sites that specialize in the latest rumors picked up on the story and started to speculate as to why Peterson was in South Dakota.

Theories were abound, there was everything from AP heard the Coalinga’s “hot turkey sandwich” is the bomb, to he came to South Dakota to interview local Sioux Indians to see if they believe the Vikings name is racist to Norwegians.

Whatever the real reason was, welcome to Sioux Falls AP! The next time you make it back, look me up and I’ll let you in on a few more Sioux Falls hidden secrets.