Wayne McDonnell, Jr of Forbes joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime. 

Hear McDonnell, Jr, (@wmcdonn25) recall Derek Jeter's last night as a New York Yankee. Listen and read part of the interview below:

On Derek Jeter's last game as a member of the New York Yankees: 

"I had the good fortune of being in the stadium that evening to see it and it was just poetic. There's no grander word to describe it. In all of my years of either covering the game or being around the game, I think it was one of the best moments to be apart of just from a fan perspective. It was simply a remarkable, and extraordinary evening."

What was the reaction of the people around McDonnell after Jeter hit a walk-off in his last game at Yankee Stadium? 

"I think it just felt like a proverbial air was let out of the ballon all throughout the stadium. People thought this is not way Jeter should go out, and David Robertson had been pitched this poorly all season. Then when they saw the scoreboard that Derek Jeter was going to hit third in the inning, people realized this is going to be one of those magical moments and sure enough, first pitch, typical Jeter swing, and the place erupted. It was feeling like no other. And I've been apart of World Series games, playoff games, and the closing of the old Yankee stadium, this ranks probably at the top of the list."

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