Personally, I always wait until July to really start assessing the standings and power rankings for Major League Baseball.

Here is Week 1 of our Overtime MLB Power Rankings.

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    Boston Red Sox

    Boston currently holds the best record in MLB and are certainly exceeding expectations coming off of a dreadful season in 2012.  With a new manager, revived enthusiasm in the clubhouse and production on the field, Boston looks like they are here to stay.

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    Atlanta Braves

    The Atlanta Braves were clearly active in the offseason. Making moves that not only bolstered their offensive production, but also helped their pitching staff. Atlanta currently ranks 2nd in team ERA and 4th in WHIP.  Pitching gets you far in a grueling 162 game season and Atlanta is reaping those benefits.

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    St. Louis Cardinals

    The St. Louis Cardinals currently hold a .5 game lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NL Central and look to have a battle on their hands.  But the experience factor is in their favor and we’ll see how far that takes them.  One thing that we know has separated them this season from the pack is their run differential, +122 which is tops in the Majors.

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    Pittsburgh Pirates

    Back to back seasons now, the Pirates have put together a great first half of the season.  But the key word there is “first”… The collapsed down the stretch in 2012, so I am leery to put them in my top five, but their play warrants the honor.  A combination of timely hitting and pitching puts the Pirates only a half game out of first place on July 9th.  Very impressive.

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    Oakland A’s

    How does Oakland continue to do this?  And by “this”, I mean compete with such a low pay roll and with guys that most casual MLB observers have never heard of.  The A’s are currently a half game up on the Rangers and continue to fight off ever punch they are given.  Ranking 7th in Runs per Game and the top 10 in all 4 major team pitching categories, the A’s are off to another great start.

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