Shooters shoot and when your lock of the week last week doesn't pan out, as mine did not, you keep shooting.

So this week we are going to hone in like the Patriots after a loss and make sure we bring you a winner.

The biggest spread of the week comes from Detroit as the Lions are 12.5 favorites over Cleveland, with LA coming in second where the Rams are 11.5 favorites over Houston.

Some other interesting games with playoff implications on the line include Minnesota -1.5 vs Washington and New Orleans -2.5 vs Buffalo.

My Lock of the Week though comes from the AFC where the Pittsburgh Steelers are -9.5 vs the Colts in Indianapolis.

The Colts have been known to get off to some decent starts this year only to see it erode away and throw into the mix the fact that reports are out there that Colts ownership believes Andrew Luck's injury is "in his head", it could not only be a rough week off the field but on it too.

So give me the Steelers -9.5 and watch them roll over the Colts this week.

Here are the odds and lines for the rest of the NFL games from Week 10 via