Can you believe it? We are to Week 15 of the NFL season and including this week we only have three weeks left of the NFL regular season.

The closer we get to the end of the season, the more clear the playoff picture gets and the more clear it gets on who's season has already come to an end.

This week as we look at the numbers, there are some very interesting match-ups.

Not only do we get football on a Thursday as we usually do, this week we get some NFL football on a Saturday as the Cowboys host the Jets. The Jets are -3.

The Minnesota Vikings currently sit in one of the wild card spots but will have to continue to win to solidify their playoff position and this week they host the Bears and are favored by 5 points.

A couple other games that will impact the playoffs include the Cardinals -3.5 on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles as well as the Panthers -5 against the Giants.

Here are the rest of the odds and lines for Week 15 of the NFL Season.