Since a tornado touched down in Wessington Springs,  Tony Burke of the American Red Cross says the recovery is still underway!

"You know these type of things are really earth shattering.  It is a grieving process and that takes time.  We don't know who's going to stay---who's going to go.  These people are making some hard decisions.  It has implications in the whole community.  There is some survivor's guilt---they ask 'why didn't I get hurt, why did the elderly people get hurt, why did they lose their homes and not me., I don't need it.  They need it.'

Burke says mental health professionals from the American Red Cross will be meeting with residents of Wessington Springs.

"We think that's the best way to do it.  Bring everybody together.  Talk about their experiences.  Talk about what's going through their minds right now.  What kind of help do they need going forward?  What questions do they need answered?  It's really about managing all the stresses."

The tornado destroyed 15 homes and damaged another 44, displacing nearly 80 people.