What percentage of the calls in professional sports do referees truly miss?

Within the last 7 days, this question has become a topic of discussion across the sports world from talk shows to twitter.

Inconsistent calls from certain series in the NBA Playoffs and Stanley Cup Playoffs have almost become standard depending on who's playing to who's coaching.

And to give them credit, the NHL and NBA have improved their officials effectiveness in prior seasons and this year is included.  The playoffs themselves have had their moments, but nothing as dramatic as what we saw in Major League Baseball this week.

Two different instances ranging from the blown home run call between the A's and Indians to a common pitching change rule being overlooked the following night have become the latest events to garner those to criticize those officiating.

The human element factor will always be a characteristic that effects the percentage of calls that are correctly made, however with the advancements in instant replay, these percentages should be improving.  Which I think they are.

In fact, the blown call in Cleveland, was a direct effect of the umpires actually going to instant replay and still missing the call.

Clearly the officials in any sport have a difficult job at even the most amateur of levels, but the pressure and intensity level on the pro landscape has to escalate the intensity the officials must endure.

I'm not going to put a percentage on the calls the refs correctly make, simply because it would be made solely on a hunch.  I will however, state that I do believe on the professional level, regardless of league, that they are the best at their profession, they are professionals and the vast majority of the time make the correct and in most cases difficult call.