Which five NBA stars would you 'draft' for your team? 

Floating around the Internet is a short, and intriguing for NBA basketball fans. For $15 dollars, which point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center would you choose?

There's old school and new school players, and it's your money. Here's your options:

Point Guard: Magic Johnson for $5, Oscar Robertson for $4, Isaiah Thomas for $3, John Stockton for $2, and Walt Frazier for $1.

Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan for $5, Kobe Bryant for $4, Jerry West for $3, Clyde Drexler for $2, and Dwayne Wade for $1.

Small Forward: LeBron James for $5, Larry Bird for $4, Julius Erving for $3, Kevin Durant for $2, and Scottie Pippen for $1.

Power Forward: Karl Malone for $5, Charles Barkley for $4, Tim Duncan for $3, Dirk Nowitzki for $2, and Kevin Garnett for $1.

Center: Kareen Abdul-Jabbar for $5, Bill Russell for $4, Wilt Chamberlain for $3, Shaquille O'Neal for $2, and Hakeem Olajawon for $1.

For me, I'd take Stockton, Jordan, Durant, Duncan and Chamberlain. A mix of the old and new generation of players. My second choice would be Stockton, Jordan, James, Shaq, and Garnett.

What do you think?

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