For the last nine years on ESPN, Rachel Nichols has been a staple, on site covering the top stories in sports.

All of a sudden she was gone without any warning.

On Thursday night she popped back up into the sports spectrum, court side at the Spurs/Clippers game on TNT.

No she wasn't an observer, she is the latest addition to CNN/Turner Sports as not only a CNN Sports Correspondent, but a sideline reporter for TNT Basketball coverage.

One of her first assignments for CNN was covering this years Super Bowl in New Orleans and will also anchor a sports program on the weekends on CNN.

In addition, she will cover the upcoming Olympics for CNN and help with the coverage of the NCAA Tournament for Turner Sports.

Nichols has been in the business quite some time already, before joining ESPN, Nichols worked for The Washington Post and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Rachel Nichols/Twitter
Rachel Nichols/Twitter
Rachel Nichols/Twitter