This week was a crazy week in the Major League Baseball Free Agent market.

With a down year as far as the number of quality free agents, it was clear to see that teams over spent in order to try and fill holes in their lineups.

I have no problem giving Josh Hamilton a five year $125 million dollar contract because he is a star.

However, giving Zach Greinke a record $158 million dollar deal and Anibal Sanchez a $80 million dollar deal is flat over spending.

Greinke is a good number two starter and that is what he will be with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But to give him a record deal in regards to a pitcher, doesn't make much sense.

With Sanchez, he sports a 48-51 career record and he is know getting paid $16 million dollars per year.

If I'm those guys, I take my money and have no complaints. But as a fan of Major League Baseball, I know both of those guys will not live up to the mega dollars they received this off-season.

So it begs the question, what is a Major League Baseball player worth on the open market? Apparently a lot more than I would be willing to pay as a owner.

There are a few pitchers like Justin Verlander, David Price and Jerad Weaver that deserve the money that Greinke got because they are clear cut number one starters on their respective teams.

When you are the ace of a staff, you deserve to be paid like one.

But in any other free agent year, Anibal Sanchez would not of been considered the second best pitcher on the market nor would he of garnered that kind of cash.

So essentially I believe that a players performance doesn't always dictate the value of the individual, yet the market plays a bigger role in that said value.

This year is a prime example of that as teams over spent and now will be over paying for the next few years.