As a kid, one of my favorite players to watch was Allen Iverson.  I wasn't a 76ers fan, but I was in awe of his ability to score with ease and his confidence on the court was second to none.

As players retire, we sometimes lose track of where they go when they aren't in the limelight of the NBA.

So what is Allen Iverson doing now?

Well you'd think that would be a easy "answer" to find out.  However, just as at times during his NBA career, Iverson had a complicated off the court lifestyle, that held true once his career ended.

Since ending his career in a very weird fashion by floating from Memphis to Philadelphia and only playing a minimal amount of games, Iverson has seen his finances in shambles.

He had to file for bankruptcy and was divorced from his wife of eight years.

Even though Iverson is bankrupt, one of his endorsement deals from Reebok during his playing days set aside a $30 million trust fund for him to access once he's 55.  The wife who divorced him will receive half of that as part of the divorce proceedings.

During his NBA career, Allen Iverson made $154 million in salary and over $200 million in endorsements.

In 2014, it was reported that Iverson was seen begging for change near an Atlanta mall and was asked to leave.

Early in 2015, Iverson reportedly expressed interest in joining the front office of the Philadelphia 76ers but nothing to this point has materialized.

We have also seen new Reebok commercials with Allen Iverson starring in them again.

Time will tell if Allen Iverson returns to the NBA in a front office role with the Sixers or another NBA franchise, but for the time being Iverson's current situation is as mysterious as how someone can blow almost $400 million dollars.