What is Jarron Collins doing?

Unfortunately, many note Jarron Collins as being the brother of the first openly gay NBA player, Jason Collins.

The reason I say unfortunately is that Jarron Collins is much more than that. Indeed he is the brother to the courageous and inspirational Jason Collins, but he is also a bright basketball mind that made a living playing in the NBA for a decade.

Collins is an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors who had the best record in the NBA during the 2014-2015 regular season.

First year head coach Steve Kerr hired Collins to be a part of his coaching staff in year one of his regime as head coach.

During his NBA career, he played for the Jazz, Suns, Clippers and Blazers.

His Stanford education is apparent with the basketball IQ he possess that clearly has allowed him to be in the position he is in now post career.