What is the NFL still hiding about injuries and especially about injuries to the brain?

That is a question that many fans, parents, players and critiques are still asking about the game of football and at the highest level as well.

The NFL claims they are funding all this research but multiple Outside the Lines reports along with other reports from the New York Times, have the NFL picking and choosing the doctors to do the research, pulling funding from s‎ome projects even after committing fully to non bias reaserch and concussions being omited by teams during the NFL's own research with the Cowboys being the most egregious.

The fact of the matter is, everything has risks, but if you claim everyone knows the risks yet you choose to cover up and hide some of those risks or results then it leads any logical person to conclude that there is more of a risk than is being portrayed.

And let me ask you this, why isn't there leading professionals in the field of concussions and CTE at the annual rookie symposium?

They bring in financial advisors, league executives, former players and others to warn about blowing money or indulging too much in alcohol ect, but no one there to talk about the latest health risks, the latest research ect.

Imagine going to a job where there are chemical risks and they just hand you a mask and say go get em.  Same thing here...

My solution to all this seems simple enough.

Either halt all football until there is enough research to definitively tell the major risks and effects or just have every person from high school on up sign a waiver that prevents any limitation vs the high school, the college, the NFL team, the NFL the NCAA, the High School Activity Association, any coach or athletic trianer and then you are good to go.

Plus, if the ladder happened, I gauruntee at that point you'd get the most honesty from the NFL.

Trust me. If they were exempt from lawsuits they'd be up more up front about the risks associated with their game.

I love the NFL, but I also appreciate the human life more.  I just hope one day soon the risks are well researched and presented to all in order to make the best decision possible for all to make the appropriate decision on participation and involvement.

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