With father's day around the corner (don't forget), it got us thinking about favorite sports memories that we shared with Dad.

For many, it's that first time they stepped into the big-time stadium and took in the atmosphere of the event. Others share a championship victory, or game-ending touchdown or bucket. Adding in those moments with being around Dad only makes them a little more special.

In my case, I've had the opportunity to share experiences with two people that I consider "dad."

My biological Dad, Jerry, is not a sports fan. Better yet, people would wonder how in the world his oldest son would turn out to be a mega sports fanatic when he just knows the basic premise of each game. Over the years growing up in Sioux Falls, he put all that aside and always brought me to the Skyforce and Canaries games. His former employer use to get season tickets for both, Nicholson seats for the Skyforce and two rows behind home plate for the Canaries. We were always at the arena or the ballpark.

On November 10, 2002, my Dad and I walked into the Metrodome for my first Vikings game. That was an experience I won't ever forget. The field was still the old carpet astroturf, and the dome itself made me speechless. We went for my 13th birthday and sat in section 114.

Consider it the lucky 13th birthday as, then quarterback, Daunte Culpepper was BENCHED in favor of Todd Bouman. To top it off, Tiki Barber sealed a Giants victory with two minutes left to go in the game. Even with the result, it was an experience that I wouldn't trade.

Then there was the experience that I was able to share with my step-dad Daryl. Daryl, unlike my Dad, is a sports fan and he loves his Dallas Cowboys (such a rebel). He would think if he read this that I would post that my favorite moment was being in the Metrodome in 2004 when the Vikings smashed the Cowboys. Even better, he bought us tickets in the Cowboys "section" right above their tunnel and I basked in the glory of a big win to open the 04 season.

That isn't it though. it's close. Oddly enough, my favorite memory that we shared was a loss that I had a 12 hour ride back to think about.

We packed up the car and went down to Dallas to attend the Vikings/Cowboys regular season game at AT&T Stadium in 2013. This would be the first time that we all went to the new Cowboys Stadium. Joining us was my brother Joe and step-sister Erica. I think we were all blown away by the venue.

Jerry Palleschi/ESPN 99.1

The outcome was not what I hoped for as those Cowboys managed to get the win 27-23 in a close game. The experience was worth every second of the drive there and back. Made more special for the fact that the smile on Daryl's face never left.

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