Minnesota Vikings fans have a new quarterback to get excited about following the 2014 NFL Draft a couple months ago. Teddy Bridgewater was picked up by the Vikings with the last pick of the first round. The question that continues to surround Bridgewater as Vikings Training Camp progresses is just what kind of a quarterback he will be.

Yesterday on Overtime, Jeff Thurn talked with Mark Ennis of ESPN 680 of Louisville. Ennis has followed Bridgewater since his arrival at Louisville through today. When asked about Bridgewater, Ennis believes that he will be a great quarterback for the Vikings.

"He might not be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but I think he'll be a multi-year NFL starter. He'll never drive you crazy, and that's probably welcome news for you guys [Vikings fans]. He's extremely level-headed and always over prepared. He really feels the game and anticipates well." - Mark Ennis, ESPN 680 Louisville

That would be welcomed news to Vikings fans, who have recently suffered through the failed attempts to get Christian Ponder and Tarvaris Jackson to be starting quarterbacks. Ennis says that he is slightly worried about one part of Bridgewater's game.

"I worry about him in the cold outside, but maybe once that dome is built I think he'll be alright." - Mark Ennis

All signs so far out of training camp have been positive in regards to Bridgewater. From everything that has been said, it won't be long until Vikings fans start to make the push for Bridgewater to be the starter.

And if Mark Ennis is correct, it will finally feel like a relief to have a steady quarterback at the helm for the Vikings franchise.

To hear more from Ennis, listen below: