Usually when a NFL team either doesn't make the playoffs or gets bounced out of the playoffs, the immediate speculation goes to whether or not the starting QB that year will be back.

Unless you have a franchise QB like Brady, Manning, Brees, Roethisberger, Roders ect., the organization completes their evaluation process and decides the plans for the off-season on whether or not they want to replace their leader on the field.

This off-season, numerous teams have found what they were looking for right there in their locker room, however, others have had to revert to Free-Agency and the possibility of finding someone in the draft.

As we are less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, lets look at the NFL Teams that still have question marks at QB...

Jacksonville Jaguars - Jacksonville selected Blaine Gabbert as their franchise quarterback two years ago in the draft with the hopes that he would be the future. After seeing little improvement since they selected him, they have looked elsewhere including mid-season benching Gabbert for the backup.  Rumors were rampant as to the possibility of Tim Tebow joining Jacksonville, but that never came to fruition. Now another draft upon us, will Jacksonville go in the direction of a quarterback this year in hopes of find the future this time around.

Oakland Raiders - The Oakland Raiders always seem to be searching for the future. Striking out probably more than any other team in the last 20 years at QB, Oakland gambled and lost on the acquisition of Carson Palmer who wanted out and was granted a trade out of Oakland after only one full season. Now they acquire Matt Flynn who really hasn't had a large enough sample size to make a decision on him as a NFL QB, however, the Raiders are banking on him being the future.  But, don't discount the possibility that the Raiders could pull a Raider move and draft the likes of a Geno Smith in this years draft.

Cleveland Browns - In the 2012 NFL Draft, the Browns selected Brandon Weeden, a 28 year old rookie out of Oklahoma State. With a rookie campaign where he was compared to the likes of Russell Wilson, RG3 and Andrew Luck, Weeden did not stack up. So in the off-season, the Browns, under new ownership decided to acquire Jason Campbell and have a quarterback battle to see who the starter will be in 2013, even if they aren't willing to admit it.

New York Jets - All that needs to be said is they have the following QB's on their current roster... Mark "Butt Fumble" Sanchez, Tim Tebow, David Garrard, Matt Simms & Greg McElroy.  That describes the confidence the front office has in that position, they have 5 on the roster.

Buffalo Bills - The Bills parted ways with Ryan Fitzpatrick after giving him a long term deal only a couple of years ago, leaving the void at quarterback.  With Tarvaris Jackson already on the roster, some thought he would slide in as the starter. But the Bills went out and acquired Kevin Kolb, who if you ask him, believes he is the future in Buffalo. Jackson may have something to say about that and this is a QB battle to watch during training camp.

Tennessee Titans - The Titans, like Jacksonville, probably stretched in selecting what they thought would be the future of their organization by selected Jake Locker.  Since then, they have not made the playoffs and Locker along with former Titan Matt Hasslebeck split duties over the last couple of years. This year may be no different as the Titans picked up former Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and now will have a open quarterback battle this off-season.

Those are the main QB battles and situations you need to pay attention to this off-season.  With names like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, JaMarcus Russell and Caleb Hanie as the top names remaining, most teams will have to look for help in the draft whether its for a starter or back-up moving forward this year.