Let's face it: people in Sioux Falls LOVE their restaurants. Every time we do a story about a new restaurant opening up in town the story blows up. And the town does have some great places to eat.

But things can always get better.

If you had a choice, what restaurant would you like to see come to Sioux Falls? We asked that question of our Facebook fans and BOY, did they respond. We got dozens of suggestions. So, we decided to put it to a vote.

We listed all the restaurants that received multiple mentions on our Facebook pages. If it was only mentioned once then obviously there wasn't a big demand. We also didn't include restaurants that were already here (yes,Taco Bell is already here), that probably wouldn't be around much longer (Bonefish Grill has closed 14 locations around the country and plan to close more), have already said they were coming (Chipotle is looking for a location and Red Robin is slated to open soon), or no longer exist (sorry, Gigglebees is NOT coming back).

So, vote for up to 5 restaurants and we will post the results next week!

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