What current topic in the sports right now do you wish people would just stop talking about?

It's a very relevant question year round, there are stories in sports that get overplayed for some peoples taste and cause fatigue.

Some have to do with issues on the field of play while others are stories of issues off the field.

Whether it is the Michael Sam story, Pete Rose's reinstatement debate, the Adrian Peterson child abuse case, the North Dakota nickname or Catilyn Jenner, all story lines have caused some fatigue to some sports fans.

For me personally, its easy... I'm ready to move on from "Deflate Gate".

I'm tired of talking deflated balls for seven flipping months.

I'm tired of the NFL dragging their heals.

I'm tired of this story.

My stance has always been, Brady and the Patriots knew something, seemingly something shady did occur.

The Patriots have been penalized and have accepted their penalty.

Tom Brady has every right to appeal his suspension, but that took too long, the hearing date took too long and now NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking too long to give his decision on the appeal.

I think we are at the point where the suspension should probably be reduced to a two or one game suspension and lets move on.

Let's just call it "Deflate Gate" fatigue.

I'm not naive to the fact of the relevance of the story considering all involved and in my profession, it will be a story that I am forced to continue to report on and react to, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.