Anytime there is change, people freak out and on Sunday night, people were freaking out about the NCAA Selection show.

This year's show went from CBS to TBS where you were greeted with the likes of Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley.

Some will point to the fact that they have NBA guys breaking down college basketball as a starter to their angst, but for many it went well beyond that.

Whether it was Kenny Smith using a magic marker that was hard to read or them eating pizza live on air and talking with their mouths open to even the audio issues to start the show as issues people had with the Selection Show.

So what was truly the worst part of the NCAA Selection Show?

For me, it was actually the fact that so many people were complaining about it.

I get in a social media day and age that everyone has a voice to complain, but people should take it for what it is and that is an entertainment spectacle.

I don't care that Chuck and Kenny probably start tuning into college basketball on March 1st as they are entertaining whether they are talking about the NBA, college basketball or snail races.

I have never watched a selection show on CBS and walked away saying "wow, I really have a grasp on how to dominate my bracket".

So if I'm not going to gain breaking news knowledge, why not just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Sunday's show on TBS wasn't perfect, but LIVE TV rarely is and my advice would be simple, quit complaining and get ready for a great month of basketball.