First thing, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not a rabid NASCAR fan. I don't have a favorite driver, a favorite care, a favorite sponsor or a favorite track.

What I am is, a casual fan. In other words, I like watching the last 20 laps or so, when things seem to heat up. I like seeing a race at Daytona (I know it's the famous track) and I like watching a race at Talledaga (I've heard all about 'the big on').

OK, and yes, I like to see a fun wreck, no one getting hurt, but lots of smoke and dents. Then, I like seeing the guy (or lady!) pull down that little window screen thing, get out and walk away un-hurt.

I like all those things.

So why does it seem to me (remember, just a casual fan, I don't know all about the 'teams', 'teammates', 'drafting' and all that) that NASCAR is suddenly becoming WWE?

I mean, a little 'back-and-forth', as we used to call it, is always fun. But this past Sunday I tuned in for the last few laps, had a wreck (and I certainly hope the Hamlin guy is OK!) and somebody zoomed by and won the race.

Then, it looked like a hockey fight broke out by one of the cars. Punching, shoving, punches...even a water bottle thrown. Doggone it, if only we'd have had a few metal folding chairs and Hulk Hogan (Hogan?? Does that show my age?), we could have had Vince McMahon on a mic and announcing the next 'Wrestle-car-mania' pay per view at $50 a head!

Geez, we even had the one guy swearing up a storm after the race while talking to a TV guy. Bleep...bleep...bleep...on it went.

Now, I'm sure for you intense NASCAR fans it was all super cool. And your guy will get that other guy next race (or vice-versa...I guess it depends on who your guy is). But to us casual fans, well, it sure did look like Professional Wrestling.

And to be honest, I am no fan of pro wrestling. Oh I was back when I was 10 and Handsome Harley Race was the best bad-guy on the planet. But I out grew it I guess.

I'm not sure it would be good for NASCAR if they lost the casual fans because their legitimate sport turned into the WWE. On the other hand, pro wrestling does real well on Cable.