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The Miami Heat have won 21 games in a row and are not only the hottest team in the league, they are clearly on pace to pull in another NBA Championship.

Only four teams in the history of the NBA have put together 20+ game winning streaks, with the Heat being one of those teams.

The Los Angeles Lakers hold the longest streak in NBA History at 33 games in 1971-1972 on their way to winning a NBA Championship.

The Chicago Bulls put together some great streaks of their own in the Jordan days including going 31 of 32 in 1995-1996 on their way to a 72-10 record and a NBA Championship.

The Heat however are paving their own history this season and doing it so with a pair of superstars and a tremendous collection of role players.

Everyone from local personalities in Miami to the folks at ESPN have weighed in on when the Heat will eventually lose and one of the most outspoken personalities on ESPN Steven A. Smith had his own opinion (imagine that)...

Looking at their schedule moving forward, if the heat are to lose, it will probably come in March and we may see a perfect April.

On March 18th, the Heat play the second of back to back games as they travel to Boston posing a possible loss.  Following that game, there are two other viable options that may include a loss being on March 27th in Chicago and March 31st in San Antonio.

April does bring games vs. the Celtics, Bulls and Knicks, but all those games are at home.

It would be improbable for the Heat to run the table, but say they did, would they be considered the best regular season team in the history of the NBA?