'Dive Bars' are hard to define, but easy to recognize.  Nearly every town, big or small, has one (or several).

Recently, Yahoo! Food's listed eight of  'America's Grittiest Dive Bars', showcasing establishments from Alaska to New Orleans, from Southern California to Washington, D.C., but nowhere on their list was a single 'dive bar' in the Upper Midwest.

So we asked you.

Which is your favorite 'dive bar' the in Sioux Falls (or surrounding) area?

Here's just a sample of the responses we received on Facebook:

  • Katelyn Haack Leweys (or however you spell it) out in Lead. So ooo good
  • Maureen Ohm It's hard to call it a favorite since I haven't been there in 7 or so years, but it seems like the Bushnell Garage should be on the list.
  • Courtney VanZanten Buffalo Trading Post. Good food, friendly people, history and beer...hard to top!
  • Kelley Claymore Schroeder The Ice House in Yankton. There isn't a sink just hand sanitizer. It's better in the summer because you sit out on the loading dock and throw the bottles underneath, if it doesn't break you buy a round!
  • Matt Hendrickson The Boondocks just south of DeSmet. Many good Thanksgiving evenings spent there with the cousins.
  • Kalah Tooley Bob's Bar in Martinsburg,NE. The bathroom sink is in the eating area so if someone comes out and doesn't wash you know! They have the best burgers and biggest piles of cheese balls I've ever seen!!
  • Jason Janssen Foley's in Madison, SD is by fat my favorite!! Also the Sherman, SD bar is pretty outstanding as well
  • Chris Buckley The Gaslight.....
  • Chad R Kuhnert Riverside or log cabin
  • Eric Blair The Brass Rail, Sioux City
  • Jeremy Fitz I know Chinese places aren't bars but I like the sketchy Chinese restaurants around Sioux Falls
  • Gregory Hintgen Top Hat!!
  • Monte L Heitzman The Pocket & 38 Roadhouse

Did your favorite make the list?  If not, go to our Facebook page and tell us where it is!