Springtime means we have a ton of different options on our sports radar. Which one has fans most excited?

Baseball fans have been waiting all winter for the season to begin, and it's finally here. Though early in the season, the games are very exciting so far. Hopefully it means baseball fans are in for a great ride in 2013.

In golf, the Masters is under way as of Thursday morning, and it's arguably one of sports greatest traditions (certainly if you ask Jim Nantz). It's the one golf tournament that everyone is watching, as the best in the world seek to claim that coveted green jacket.

Over in the NBA, the season in winding down and teams are gearing up for the playoffs. The playoffs seem to last forever, but they're exciting nonetheless.

There's also the NHL, which, like the NBA is getting set for its playoff season. And over in NASCAR, the Sprint Cup has just gotten started, with an thrilling race just about every weekend.