Many sports fans this week have been asking, who is Amy Reimann?

Now Nascar fans may be able to answer that question but even some of the biggest racing fans have been pondering that question now that it became official this week that Dale Ernhardt Jr. got engaged to Amy Reimann.

The word spread fast as they took to social media to report the good news.

But back to the question, who is Amy Reimann?

It's not like this superstar athlete has been dating a supermodel or A-list actress, so we did some digging.

Reimann has been married before according to reports.  She will now be entering her second marriage with Earnhardt Jr.

She received her Interior Design Bachelor studies in the University of Kentucky in 2005 and in 2010 she began her professional career in Charlotte, NC.

They made their public debut at the 2011 Nascar Awards.

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The couple both live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Even though she's not a celebrity, it certainly doesn't mean she isn't easy on the eyes.

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