David DeJesus is a 33 year old Major League Baseball player who has played for five MLB teams in his career so far.

This season though, its a different kind of October for DeJesus.  This is the first year DeJesus has been a part of a playoff roster.

A member now of the Tampa Bay Rays, he has started the last two divisional round games vs. the Boston Red Sox.

In the Wild Card Playoff game, a Cleveland Indians fan threw a beer on the field toward DeJesus as he was fielding a foul ball and thats when his name became more popular than ever.

But who is David DeJesus?  Heres a brief synopsis.

David DeJesus was born in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University to play baseball for the Scarlet Nights.

After 3 seasons he was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 2000.

He made his Major League Debut in 2003 at center field for the Royals after Carlos Beltran was traded to the Houston Astros.

Since playing for the Royals, he has played for the A's, Cubs, Nationals and now Rays.

He is married to former Amazing Race 23 contestant Kim DeJesus.

And finally, this season David DeJesus hit a walk off single in the 18th inning.

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